4Life Champions Guadalupe School 4/10/2019
4Life Champions Guadalupe School
Salt Lake City, Utah (April 10, 2019) This past weekend, 4Life participated in Guadalupe School’s 2019 Spring Gala as an Ambassador Sponsor.

Since 1966, Guadalupe School has provided educational assistance to underserved communities in Salt Lake City. The organization works to transform lives through education with a commitment to diversity, inclusivity, and generosity. The school’s efforts among refugee communities, minority groups, and those who struggle financially have provided hope to thousands of families.

Senior Vice President of Worldwide Sales Trent Tenney sits on the Guadalupe Board of Directors. Vice President of Corporate Communications Calvin Jolley represented the company at this year’s gala.

Vice President of Service Catherine Larsen: “Guadalupe School programs include in-home education, onsite literacy learning for toddlers, interactive preschool training, small classes for kindergarten through sixth grade that focus on literacy, and adult English classes geared toward employment and life fulfillment. We’re proud to partner with Guadalupe School to support children and families in Salt Lake City.”

Foundation 4Life has partnered with the Guadalupe School since 2008 and has supported many projects including a new building for the school, the preschool program, and backpacks filled with school supplies.

4Life has offices in 25 markets to serve a global network of independent distributors and their customers.

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