Team 4Life Inducted into Sports Hall of Fame 6/26/2019
Team 4Life Inducted into Sports Hall of Fame
Salt Lake City, Utah (June 26, 2019) Team 4Life member Brady Stewart was inducted into the McKendree University Sports Hall of Fame after winning his division at the 2019 Arnold Sports Festival and medaling at the World Open and Bench Press Championships.

Stewart joined Team 4Life in 2011. At that time, he was pressing 600 lb. (272 Kg) At this year’s Arnold Classic, he pressed 821 lb. (372 Kg) and secured first place. He took bronze at the world championships in Japan, where he remains the only American to medal in his weight class.

Stewart: “I’ve had an epic year. I love taking PRO-TF, MusculoSkeletal Formula, and Flex4Life. I feel like I am living in a dream.”

Vice President of Communications Calvin Jolley: “Brady is elite among our Team 4Life members and is one of our most decorated athletes. What impresses me the most about him, more than his physical strength, are his strength of spirit and generosity. He is a role model for us all.”

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